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Mailnull.com has Migrated to Mailgw.com

First off, don't freak out. All mailnull.com email addresses are still working. If you have dave.amazon@mailnull.com, you will continue to get mail on that address. In addition, dave.amazon@mailgw.com also works since they share the same data. You don't have to switch to giving out the new domain addresses if you hate it.

For some time I've been working on a rewrite of the mailnull backend. I finally found the time I needed test the new code and get it up on a new server.


Mailnull has always had a big limitation. When someone sent mail from Gmail to a mailnull address, Mailnull used to turn around and send that mail on to you, the user. But it sent it as if it is a Gmail mail server. This is why Mailnull got flagged as spam and why some mail is never delivered because it is never authoritative to send Gmail mail.

How Does It Work Now?

The big difference is that all messages are forwarded to you as coming from mailgw.com. Let's say dave has his amazon address. If order@amazon.com sends mail to dave.amazon@mailgw.com, Mailgw will forward the mail on to Dave's mail address -- but it will send it as coming from something like: amazon-qwejwq@mailgw.com.

This means that you can respond to the mail without exposing your real address. When Dave receives his Amazon mail from amazon-qwejwq@mailgw.com, he might choose to respond to get order status. If he responds to that address, it goes back to Mailgw server which turns around and sends his response to order@amazon.com with a from address of dave.amazon@mailgw.com. Instead, if the mail came in at dave.amazon@mailnull.com then any response will be sent back as coming from dave.amazon@mailnull.com.


  • You need to adjust your mail rules. Even if you continue to use mailnull.com, you can no longer use the From address to route mail. If you were sending your Amazon email to a folder, you can no longer look for mail from amazon.com. However, you can use the X-Mailgw-From or the Resent-From headers however to accomplish the same goal.
  • The 'Sending Email from Address' feature only takes a mail address. It will then create one of these reply addresses and send you mail from it. This allows you to start a conversation from one of your addresses with your own mailer including attachments, etc..
  • If you use the webmail feature on your account, you now must have an address associated with your webmail.
  • On the auto-creates page, you have to "Add" an address to have the message delivered to you. There is no longer an option to just "Send" an auto-created message.

Why Mailgw?

I've been looking for a better domain name for some time. I find that Mailnull.com is hard to spell to people over the phone or in person because of 'm' and 'n' confusion. Plus mailnull is somewhat poisoned from the above limitations that have caused it to be classified as spam too often.

Let me know if you have questions, comments, concerns, etc..

Please consider donating money to the cause, putting a link to us on your page, and spreading the word about Mailgw.
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