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Fight Spam Mail with Mailgw

There are numerous tools that you can employ to control spam that you receive in your inbox. However, a more effective way in reducing unsolicited email, is to not let it get that far. Spammers use email addresses that they find on the web or buy from failing or disreputable companies. If you publish your email address on the web or give it to companies from whom you make purchases, sooner or later, someone is going to get you on "the list" and there's no way off. Even reputable companies can have a database engineer willing to sell a database dump to make some money.

With a Mailgw account, you can give a specific email address just for a company or even a transaction. Mail to the address will be redirected by the Mailgw servers to your current email address -- no configuration changes are necessary. You can annotate the address with the URL, account login information, or other comments to help you manage the addresses that you've given out. If you do get spam mail on a certain address, you can disable it with a click of the mouse.

With a Mailgw account, you can also enable the WebMail feature with which you setup a web contact form for your visitors to use to contact you. The last thing you want to do is to post your email address online for the spiders and email robots to find. Use a web form to allow people to contact you on your terms.

Unless you want to receive more and more spam in your mailbox, learn how to protect your email address by getting a Mailgw account.

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