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Mailgw is currently a free service in the spirit of the old Net/Web. If the service has saved you or your company some time or money, please consider either making a donation to help cover the hosting fees for the site or putting a link to us on social media or your personal or work pages. Links improve our search engine ranking and help spread the word about Mailgw.

You can add one of the following bits of HTML to your page or make up a link with your own words:

I use my free Mailgw.com account to help me <a href="https://mailgw.com/">control spam mail</a>.


I get <a href="https://mailgw.com/">less spam</a> thanks to Mailgw.com.


<a href="https://mailgw.com/">Spam mail control</a> by Mailgw.com.


A <a href="https://mailgw.com/">spam free inbox</a> thanks to Mailgw.com.

Please consider donating money to the cause, putting a link to us on your page, and spreading the word about Mailgw.
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