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Temporary Mail Address from Mailgw

With a Mailgw account, you can give a separate temporary email address each time you make a purchase or sign up for a service on the Internet. Mail to the address will be redirected by the Mailgw servers to you current email address -- no configuration changes are necessary. You can annotate the address with the URL, account login information, or other comments to help you manage the addresses that you've given out. If you do get spam mail on a certain address, you can disable it with a click of the mouse.

Instead of abandoning your current email address whenever the spam rates get too high, you can turn off the the temporary Mailgw email address which is receiving spam, but continue to get your other mail. You can throwaway an email address easily without losing legitimate email.

Unless you want to receive more and more spam in your mailbox, learn how to protect your email address by getting a Mailgw account.

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